University of Washington Immunology

The Department of Immunology is a basic science department within the University of Washington, School of Medicine located in Seattle. 

Our mission in the Department of Immunology is to advance understanding of the function of the immune system in order to enhance our ability to fight infectious disease, cancer and autoimmune disease.  Basic research of all aspects of immunology is critical to this mission, as well as translational research to link our findings to the development of new therapies.

We hold diversity and inclusiveness as core values in our department and emphasize their importance throughout our research, education and practice. We strive to create a climate that fosters belonging, respect and value for all within our scientific community and the institution.

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Recent Publications

Gladys J. Keitany, Karen S. Kim, Akshay T. Krishnamurty, Brian D. Hondowicz, William O. Hahn, Nicholas Dambrauskas, D. Noah Sather, Ashley M. Vaughan, Stefan H.I. Kappe, Marion Pepper. Blood Stage Malaria Disrupts Humoral Immunity to the Pre-erythrocytic Stage Circumsporozoite Protein. 2016. Cell Reports , Volume 17 , Issue 12 , 3193 - 3205.

von Moltke J, Barrett NA, Kanaoka Y, Austen KF, Locksley RM (2017). Leukotrienes provide an NFAT-dependent signal that synergizes with IL-33 to activate ILC2s. Journal of Experimental Medicine 214(1): 27-37.

Deets. K.A.1, A.M. Berkley1, T. Bergsbaken, and P.J. Fink. 2016. Cutting Edge: Enhanced clonal burst size corrects an otherwise defective memory response by CD8+ recent thymic emigrants. (1: authors contributed equally) J. Immunol. 196:2450-2455. PMCID: PMC4779721

Friesen, T.J., Q. Ji, and P.J. Fink. 2016. Recent thymic emigrants are tolerized in the absence of inflammation. J. Exp. Med. 213:913-920. PMCID: PMC4886366

Department News


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