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Endowments & Funds

Donor support for the Department of Immunology underwrites research, provides enrichment programs for our students and trainees, and provides funding for speakers prominent in the field.  

The Department of Immunology welcomes your tax-deductible contribution to any of its important educational and research funds.  Donors are invited to attend departmental seminars and lectures.
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To donate by mail, please make your check payable to both the University of Washington and to the Department of Immunology, and indicate the fund preference on your check.  Send mail donations to:
University of Washington
Box 358059
Seattle, WA 98109-8059

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Fund for Excellence in Immunology

Sandra L. Clark Education Fund

Russell and Rae S. Weiser Endowed Lecture in Immunology Fund

Fund for Excellence in Immunology

The Fund for Excellence in Immunology supports educational and research activities within the Department of Immunology, at the discretion of the Chair. The overarching goal of the Department is to provide students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty with resources to develop new knowledge about the immune response, and to apply these discoveries to the development of new vaccines and therapies, to prevent and treat globally important infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, allergic diseases, and cancer. 

These funds have been used to support student publications, registration and travel, so that students are able to present their research at national and international conferences; and also for small scholarship awards to students who present the best research posters at the annual retreat.

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Sandra L. Clark Immunology Education Fund

Sandra L. Clark

Professor Edward Clark established this fund with the help of friends and colleagues in memory of his sister, Sandra L. Clark, who was infected with HIV-1 and died of AIDS in 1992 at age 34. Sandra was a nurse and strongly supported immunology education and research as a means to combat AIDS and other diseases of the immune system.

The purpose of this fund is to support activities that enhance the education of immunology graduate students including the Sandra L. Clark Endowed Lecture, which is given annually at the Department of Immunology Retreat in the fall.  Also, the Clark Immunology Education Fund provides an award for the outstanding graduate student poster at the Department Retreat. 

The Fund also provides student travel bursaries for education purposes for students active in the UW Immunology Program.  More details are available on the Student Funding page.

Russell and Rae Weiser Endowed Lecture in Immunology Fund

Russell S. and Rae WeiserDr. Russell S. Weiser played a leading role in establishing immunology as an important discipline at the University of Washington.  The Russell and Rae Weiser Endowed Lecture in Immunology Fund was established in 1985, in gratitude to Dr. Weiser, and to honor his many contributions to science and the training of young scientists. 

The endowment supports the annual Weiser Lecture in Immunology.  Dr. Weiser envisioned that the lecturer would be chosen on the basis of outstanding merit and from among candidates contributing substantially to new and important advances in the immunology field.  Upon the establishment of this endowment, Dr. Weiser said, "I feel strongly about preserving funds given for lectureships, scholarships, chairs and research, because they are important for building great universities." 

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