Justin Roby Recipient of the 2016 Perkins Coie Award for Discovery

Justin Roby, PhD, UW postdoctoral fellow in immunology in the Gale Lab, was selected as the recipient of the 2016 Perkins Coie Award for Discovery. He was awarded $20,000 for his project, "Zika virus dysregulates JAK/STAT signaling in the fetal brain leading to development of microcephaly." The Seattle-based law firm chose this project because they said it has the potential to open an exciting new area of research.

Dr. Roby was also interviewed by Q-13 Fox News regarding his ongoing research, watch the interview here: http://q13fox.com/2016/05/27/local-uw-researchers-working-on-combating-zika-virus/ 

Congratulations Justin!

For more information on Perkins Coie visit: https://www.perkinscoie.com/en/about-us/firm/diversity/awards-sponsorships.html###