Senator Patty Murray visits UW Immunology Labs at South Lake Union

Patty Murray with Dr. Maron Pepper and Immunology Graduate Students Nicole Arroyo and Fahd al QureshahImmunology graduate students Nicole Arroyo and Fahd al Qureshah, greeted U.S. Senator Patty Murray and Dr. Marion Pepper on April 12, 2017. One by one, several UW Medicine researchers told U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash) about what cuts to the National Institutes of Health’s budget would mean for their research and their careers. Dr. William Hahn, an infectious disease fellow with the University of Washington’s School of Medicine, works with immunologist Dr. Marion Pepper. He said lack of NIH funding would mean he’d have to find another line of work. He is currently looking at why the body’s defenses don’t seem to remember contact with the malaria parasite from one exposure to the next. 

“Once we figure out the immune memory, and why the body doesn’t seem to have it with this disease, we’re on the way to making a better treatment,” he told Murray, who was in Seattle to visit the immunology labs at UW Medicine’s South Lake Union research campus. 

“You can see I have a lab of 10 people – they are the bright young stars of research – but their training and research depends on NIH grants,” Pepper told Murray after the tour. Cutting NIH funding would mean curtailing or ending new discoveries the researchers might make during their careers, Pepper added.

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Photos: Clare McLean

Article: Barbara Clements, HSNewsBeat