"I chose to apply to UW Immunology’s graduate program because it had exactly what I wanted in a graduate program: a whole department of exciting immunology research.  It wasn’t until I went to visit that I fell in love with it though.  My first impression of Seattle was of a playground.  It is surrounded by mountains and full of hills, and where there aren’t hills, there’s water.  How could you not love it?  My mind was full of all the exciting things I could do there.  And then I met the people of UW Immunology.  I immediately felt like I was amidst something special.  This phenomenal group of mentors, colleagues and friends made me realize that UW wasn’t only a place where I could learn, but a place I could call home.  Talk about a no-brainer, this was just the place for me."

Jeff Duggan 

2nd Year Immunology Graduate Student