Current Fellows in the Department of Immunology

UW Immunology hosts postdoctoral fellows who are conducting independent research with core, adjunct and affiliate faculty. Current Immunology postdoctoral fellows work towards establishing their own independent research under the guidance and supervision of their faculty mentor. Postdoctoral fellows actively engage in departmental activities and present their research at weekly research-in-progress events, the annual department retreat, and professional scientific meetings.

Current Fellows

Aderem Lab

Bettelli Lab

Campbell Lab

Clark Lab

Crispe Lab

Elkon Lab

Fink Lab

Gale Lab

Gerner Lab

Goverman Lab

  • None

Current Fellows

Greenberg Lab

Hamerman Lab

Lacy-Hulbert Lab

Maizels Lab

Oberst Lab

Oukka Lab

Current Fellows

Pepper Lab

Ram Lab

Rawlings Lab

Scharenberg Lab

Stetson Lab

Strong Lab

Urdahl Lab

Ziegler Lab


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